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Step 1

The Form

You are ready to get started or you have more questions.  The first step is to read and fill out the form below.

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Step 2


I will send you a text message or an email to schedule a phone call where I can get a little bit more of an idea of what you are looking for and answer some of your questions.

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Step 3


Lastly, we will have a face-to-face meeting via video chat or in person. This step is more likely in the case of a wedding inquiry.  If for a wedding, it will be at this time where we will walk through what a full day with me as your photographer might look like.

The First Step:

The Form

So glad you made it here!  Filling out a Let's Chat form does not mean that you're committing to anything.  It just helps me get to know you and get to know what you are specifically looking for to see how I can help you.  Most importantly, it gets us connected with email addresses so that I can send you more detailed information for your specific needs.  

* I won't use your email address for anything other than communication to you for your specific purpose.  A phone number is required as a second contact in case your email address is not entered correctly and will also be used to send a text for Step 2.  If you'd prefer to only send by email - my email address is below.

*If for a session - put a date that surrounds your ideal time period (ie, if you're looking at a season or month - input a date in that time period).


- Jenny

Thanks for submitting! You should receive a response 

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My Location:  Olathe, KS / Kansas City

Email address:

* * * Information above is only used as contact information.  But, if you'd prefer to send an email, feel free to do so!

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