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Jenny Shipley

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Hello!  I’m Jenny Shipley.  I was born and raised near the mountains of Wyoming.  When I attended the University of Wyoming I met my husband who is a youth minister.  I would not have ever dreamed of being a minister’s wife, but here I am! I'm a minister's wife, a mama of two precious children, and a photographer. 


I believe that photography helps to preserve the stories of families and the stories of love that God has created.  I want to help you photograph your story to protect and to cherish these precious memories that we have been given.

Fun Facts



I'm a huge admirer of printed photography.  It's one of my biggest motivations for doing the work.  At the end, you should be able to print work that will feel classic and will last for a lifetime!


as you are

I've heard folks describe my work as "editorial" or "genuine"...I really hope to create a lightly directed scene for you and yours where you will feel comfortable!



I love looking at year books from the 1920s - 1950s.  They always feel so simple and classic to me!  

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I am not a fan of coffee!  However, I do love Starbucks Strawberry Refreshers.

Cat Mom

We own a cat.


After a lot of thought, we have made the decision to educate our kids at home.  It's been a challenge!  But, we are enjoying it!


Kansas City really does have great BBQ - I love Q39

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